Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Windows Vista's packaging full view.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 was officially released on 30th January 2007 worldwide(but not in Malaysia), and I believe some blogger already get his or her own copy. So yesterday night, I search on Google Blogsearch to find some info about the packaging, and, ... it's awesome.

The packaging is not like ordinary DVD cover. The box has a clip at the right side, and for the first time you hold it, you need some time to figure out how to open it. A hard cover to protect the DVD and the colorful manual book too. It's really cool!

Take a look at these pictures, you will understand how beautiful is it.




Now you know why I feel so high when write this blog. Believe me, you won't throw it away after you installed your Vista.

Picture from:, thank you!

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