Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What are we paying for Streamyx?

Since the Taiwan Earth quake that cause the submarine cable damaged, I always thought the very slow connection is due to the damage. But weeks ago, the report already said that the submarine cable already fully repaired, and my Internet connection still works like hell!!!

Can you differentiate slow? And jam?
What is slow? Slow means the traffic is still moving, just with a smaller pace; but jam!! Jammed means not moving at all!! I paid RM66 a month for a static traffic?! I can't even Ping my blog in !! I tried 3 times, all timeout!

Compare with Singapore.
I know this is a common issue that people always use to compare Malaysia's network with Singapore's network. Singapore, with 2 strong ISPs(Internet Service Provider), SingNet and StarHub, can provide Internet access with cheaper rate at the speed of 15Mbps!! Malaysia? Sit aside la, just 1Mbps but still feel so proud... When come into IT Fair, Singapore's ISPs use branded desktop computers and 34" TV as promotional gifts, but in Malaysia, the best you can get is just a modem...

"Because Singapore is smaller ma!"
This is not true. Although Singapore's geographical area is very small if compare with Malaysia, but Malaysia has more resources and more men-power, why still fall behind Singapore with so large the gap?! Malaysia's government SUCKS!! This is easy: just provide another license to a new ISP and give it equal power like Streamyx! I hate market domination.

PenangFON is rising.
A small ISP in Penang, name PenangFON, is rising. PenangFON provide full Fibre-Optic Connection, instead of traditional copper wires. With just RM60(only) per month, the user can get 2Mbps upload and download. With proper and effective advertising, I believe PenangFON can beat Streamyx unexpectedly, like AirAsia beat MAS. More streamyx things, see here.

Conclusion, as a consumer, what we want may not be limited, but at least we had a bottomline that need to be fulfilled. What I want for my connection is just a steady connection, not a jammed connection!

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Alex said...

tough luck bro, but u just haf to keep on buggin them. did tat for 1 month and i finally got my connection back

dat said...

Eh? I thought the 4 of the 6cables are NOt repaired yet due to bad weather. Where the hell did you get the info that it was repaired "weeks ago"?

vhanded said...

Sorry for the inaccuracy of info, actually I believe that I heard that news in TV2 8pm news last week, so I just said "weeks ago"... but after some searching works, actually no report said that the cable already fully repaired. Sorry.

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