Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A stat report of The 1 Months old Blog

Time passing fast, January passed. I started this blog from 4 January 2007, and now she already 1 month old. Of course, as most young webmaster do, I will install script from 3rd parties to track down my blog's performance.
I started the Statcounter account from 17 January 2007, and currently I have 684 page loads, 597 Unique visitors, and 537 first time visitors. I love this statistics counter, as it provide an instant result when some reader visit my blog.
From the name, I believe most people can guess the function. Yes, Feed Burner provide feed services. To understand what is feed, visit my previous post, Without RSS, you're Outdated!!!. Another services provided by feedburner is a quite complete statistic counter. From the same starting day as StatCounter, I recorded 405 Unique visitors, and 30 pages view per day in average.

Some additional function from Feed Burner that make me more understanding my reader were provided, like the top internet browser, the top language setting, the top Operating System, and the top screen size that used by my readers.

Here is the result:

1024X768, what a popular screen resolution setting! Of course, most people just using 15 or 17 inches monitor only.


This is a result that most people out there will guessed. English is the primary language to communicate in this virtual world.


Now for the browser. As you can see, Firefox is the best browser used by my readers to read my blog, it's 242 out of 406, or 60%. But I believe this phenomenon is just happen in blogger's world, as most internet users in my university computer labs are using Internet Explorer.

top OS

The data shows that Windows XP is the most popular OS, while MAC OS X users are quite low, just 10 users out of 450. But this is not accurate enough, as most of my readers are just from Malaysia.
For this section, I don't have much to write, as my blog is still not strong enough to generate revenue, but I already start planning, and hope before I graduate the first year in this June, I can generate 199 USD to buy myself an iPod Nano(I know this is a small amount, don't laugh la!) While the Chitika that I used for 1 week was canceled, as it wont generate any cent for me, read my previous post Chitika is not profitable in Malaysia.

That's all for the report of this month, I will continue to work out to improve my blog's value. To receive my update, please subscribe to my blog, click here.

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