Wednesday, January 17, 2007

比卡萨:Tips to manage your pictures.

Every times you came back from a vacation or a party, with your 1GB memory card full of photos, you will quickly download all the photos into your PC. However, after several times of 1GB photos, your "My Pictures" become messy: all photos mix together, maybe you arranged it in folders, but you want to find 1 photo in 5GB of photos...imagine that.

Use Google Picasa 2!!
Let you see the interface first:
Is it cool? The picture organizer allow you to sort the photos by date, by folders, and by albums. This organizer can also show caption, like: "Cash Printer is here!! haha!" .
picasa caption

For beginner editor, Picasa 2 provide an ease to use editor to edit your photos, like this:

picasa editor

Besides that, bloggers will feel easier than ever when they blog about their favorite photo, thanks to Picasa 2's "Blog This" button. Share photo by e-mail become easy too with Picasa 2.
picasa controlbar

To download Picasa 2, please click on the BIG Gray BUTTON at the RIGHT SIDE BAR, thank you and try it! Thrust me, Google is cool!

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housefly said...

hey, cool blog=)lots of info abt it, bu2 kui4 shi4 it student. thx for browsing my blog ah~

vhanded said...

Still OK la, now this blog still young, need to nurture it well... like a baby, haha!

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