Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April 22, Earth Day- Time to appreciate what you have.

From a dusty explosion, and thousand of billions years of cooling down, and another billions years of evolution and extinction, and a high intelligent life appear on planet Earth--us.

With that high intelligent, from theoretically, we should make our earth become a better place to live, but, it's not really work like that. I am glad that I am not born in 50 or 100 years later, which is a year that I may not see tigers, lions, big trees, or our close biological neighbor, Apes, and I may need to live together with rubbish.

This is a picture designed by Edo.

Even watch An Inconvenient Truth? An academic Award movie presented by United States Vice President Al Gore. Our Earth is dying, if no people willing to help her.

Even if you don't do it during normal day, please do it on 22 April, Earth Day.

  1. Walk, instead of driving, to your neighbor, just 1 day.
  2. don't take plastic bag, if you just buy 1 bottle of water.
  3. Use fan, and turn of your air conditioning, just 1 day.

Just this day, one day, and if everyone can do it, then this day will save up 6.5 billion plastic bag and a giant huge amount of power consumption in 1 day, it's a huge amount of resource. (It sounds bullshit, but I do it everyday, really.)

Maybe all of us who live with a broadband connection still don't see the changes to the world, but it's changing, and only us, can fix it, and make it become better place to live.

Remember, we have only one Earth, for your children or whatever, protect her.

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Che-Cheh said...

Bravo my fren. I would do just that... trying not to use plastic bags.

If you're interested, you can watch National Geographic or BBC. They have programmes on global warming...much more intense than An Inconvenient Truth.

vhanded said...

Thanks for your suggestion, but currently no Astro with me. Thanks for your support, Earth loves you!

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