Monday, April 16, 2007

The first time to a real PC Fair

I just said this is a first time, why? Actually this is the second time I been for PC Fair, the first time is at Melaka Mahkota Parade, the so called PC Fair... so small, not enough for me to sleep. So I consider the KLCC PC Fair that I went this afternoon as the first time I visited a real PC Fair.

Thanks to KIM HUEI, we have place to sleep and eat, and transport. After a really mighty super duper sardine fish pack in all KTM Komuter, Putra Lines, Monorail, we arrived KLCC. That time was about 12pm. We straight went to the 3rd floor of convention center, and start searching for nice goods(although I am not plan to buy anything). Out of my expectation, KLCC PC Fair is much much grand and big and crowded!
The first booth near the entrance, Sony VAIO.
All branded companies show off their gadgets, of course, by beautiful girl promoters. Looking at those laptops around me, I have no interested to buy it, as I targeted a desktop, so I took up the opportunity to take some photos with beautiful cute girls. hehe. This is my favorite one:
Samsung! She is so cute!

Hope next time can get my own SLR and snap around there.

The price
Everybody thought that PC Fair sell cheap stuff, not really. I don't know whether I need to bargain with them, but the price that they stick out is standard, not cheap, and some I can get cheaper at LowYat Plaza, like RAM. Some very unexceptable prices, like Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo in PC Fair cost RM140, but in LowYat Plaza I can get with RM120, at Thunder Match. Even my dream monitor Samsung 940BW in PC Fair, the lowest price I can get is RM720, same as Low Yat Plaza. I too thought Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 will be cheaper in PC Fair.... but not. This change my thought that PC Fair is not a fair, but just a central to sell IT stuff, but if without PC Fair, I don't think IT gadgets' prices can drop that fast in couple days.

Around 2:30pm, we left KLCC, and headed to Low Yat Plaza, as Kim Huei want to buy some stuff from ViewNet, which he claimed is the cheapest shop in LowYat(is it? Some stuff la, not all.) While he buying his things, I checked around in the Plaza, and that's why I found out so much different with PC Fair and normal day sale. Really hope the price won't increase after PC Fair, as I need to readjust my budget again... Money money money!

Samsung booth, so grand, so big.

PC Fair is fun, if you really smart, I believe you can get low price, plus some freebies. For people like me who don't like to negotiate about price, I think Low Yat is more suitable for me. If without PC Fair, I don't think the IT gadgets in Malaysia can drop that fast. Good job, PIKOM, who centralized all.... beautiful girls. Ok, be serious, haha, Windows Vista users will also increase after the Fair, as many people buying new PC during the event.

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hcfoo said...

I attended once during my uni year and I never return again because I do not like shopping among the huge crowd.

But I do agree there's a lot of bargains and choices to look at.

vhanded said...

Me too, don't like to shopping in crowd, but because of budget reason, i have to do so... However, PC Fair stuff is not really that cheap...

Kleio the Muse said...

I envy you.

Hahaha... so many pretty girls so little time :P

You look cute too.

vhanded said...

Envy me for what? Because I said other girls pretty? haha, someone jealous lo... Have you been to that PC Fair?

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