Monday, April 23, 2007

PayPerPost resend the money to me!

Previously, I wrote a sponsored post entitled Get Paid to review my post at my another blog. Very happy when first received the payment from PayPerPost, to my PayPal account.

Need to Verify!?
However, that time I just realized that I need to verify my PayPal account as I am an international PayPal user. So I spent almost 4 weeks to apply a PB Bank Visa Electron, after I received the inform letter, I quickly called to PB service center to collect information for my card, like pin numbers and so on.

Another unlucky thing happen. Public Bank's connection with PayPal is facing an offline error, and the fixing progress still work until today, since 19 April. Means that I can't verify my account too.

My First USD10 gone!
Because I already exceed PayPal 30 days payment accept/deny period, so the fund was returned to PayPerPost. That time was so sad, my first money from Internet gone like that... Suddenly, I thought of request it again from PayPerPost.

PayPerPost resend the fund to me!
This morning when I check my mail, ha! Mails from both PayPerPost and PayPal in my mail! I quickly read through it:

Thank you for contacting us.  Your $10.00 payment has been reissued to your PayPal account.

Yes! Now I am now again USD10 richer! Thanks PayPerPost to resend the fund to me! See my previous post about I am USD10 Richer.

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