Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dell offer XP again: I though the "Wow" really started...

Dell is offering Windows XP again to the customers after more than 10,000 customers request for it at the feedback site, and the world leading PC manufacturer just said yes to them, just not to lose the customers. This options available for most desktop and laptop customization. (refer from

dell offer xp again

Why they still choose XP?
Windows XP appear for a long time, since September 2001, it should be about 6 years old from now. Many users already tie to the interface, as during the long 6 years period, many applications were developed to suite the interface, and for certain users, they don't want to waste their time to re-learn  concept of Windows Vista and searching for compatible drivers for Vista, especially business users, who earn every second.

I understand the problem of drivers and application compatibility, but before the release of Windows Vista, there already been a 1 and half year of beta testing to public, is that 1 and half year not enough for manufacturers to develop trouble free drivers?

I am currently not a Vista user, so I can't experience the "no driver world" yet, but I willing to invest for the future, and I will stick to my plan to buy Windows Vista.


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Jason said...

The first day I got my Vista, I plugged in a USB mouse and voila, driver not compatible.

vhanded said...

Wah, even mouse don't have suitable driver?... Wait for few months later, believe you will see a different, so am i.

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