Monday, April 23, 2007

Second tag: Celebrities I want to meet are...

Hcfoo tagged me recently, just because I said I want to meet Bill Gates.... However, thanks for the tag.

The story goes like this:

“You are in an alternate universe. You are a single person not involved in any relationship, and you have just published a New York Times bestseller. A movie studio has invited you to Hollywood to talk about a movie deal for three days, and as part of the wooing process, they offer to host a one-on-one dinner each night with the celebrity of your choice. Who would you pick? It could be a star you want to have a shot at ‘hooking up’ with, or it could just be someone you admire.”

Who I want to meet? First night, of course get a chinese actor! (because I am chinese, (I am not discriminating...)). If I am a writer, the story of mine must be science fiction, and I think Jackie Chan can have dinner with me. He can fight, he can act(although sometimes looks humor), and he should be the superhero. With his profession experience, I believe he can fight all the bad guys in my story.

eat my fist!

After that, is the director. If my story really can become a blockbuster movie, I really glad that it is directed by my favorite movies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy's director, Peter Jackson. Wow, his LOTR trilogy and King Kong, make me feel that everything can become real! With his leadership, I believe he can create a future scene that cheat all the movie lovers!

I know he looks a little bit retarded...

To have a good, no, is best movie, I still need some more professions. Costume? Emm... Another sector that I put so much attention in a movie. Yea, I know which designer can have dinner with me, she is Ngila Dickson. Does she count as celebrity? Again, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy costume designer. Wah, see the costume wore by Legolas, and Arwen, such a perfect match for that background. Maybe a sudden change to science fiction movie will give her a lot of pressure, but I believe she can handle that.

Don't think every celebrity is beautiful

I think that all for my 3 days interview/dinner. Hope one day, or next life, when I become a successful writer accidentally, I will meet these guys.

Hereby, look forward to see people that I tagged below want to meet up with?

Wei Yin (I think she want to meet JK Rowling)
Kukujiao (what a weird name?...)

I think 3 is enough, as the rules didn't mention how many victims to tag. Look forward to read your celebrity!

Sorry HCFOO, no Bill Gates in my post, I love his money in the bank most!

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Jason said...

Ngila Dickson, that's a rather odd and out of the blue celebrity. Heh!

hcfoo said...

thanks man for completing the tag post.

vhanded said...

Jason: Ya, she is not popular, just admire her creativity.

hcfoo: welcome, still can be your "victim" net time.

anthraxxxx said...

LoL I tagged hcfoo one leh.

vhanded said...

Come on, HCFOO tag me for this la...

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