Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I recustomize my budget on my new desktop PC, yahoo!

Last time(17 January, 2007), I virtually customized my own PC, and set the budget below RM5k. And during that time, most components are in high price, but now, all dropped, and I decide to recustomize it.

Now, although price dropped, new technology came out. This force me to upgrade my customization. Now, I list out all the components that I want, survey market, and I got this new price:

Power supply:
Cooler Master iGreen 500w, RM368
Gigabyte GA-965P DS3 RM470
Intel E6420 RM550
1GB Kingston DDR2 667MHz RM160 x 2 (total 2GB)
Hard drive:
Western Digital 250GB 16MB Buffer size RM239
Optical Drive:
Graphic card:
Nvidia 8600GTS original RM699
Samsung 940BW RM720
Not sure yet, budget under RM150
Desktop set:
Not sure yet, budget under RM110
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows Home Premium Retail Pack RM875
Not sure yet, budget under RM200

Now, the budget cost up to RM4805 only, although price dropped on parts, but my total amount increased, because I upgrade my budget for speaker, desktop set, motherboard, monitor, and power supply, besides that, I also include other parts that not included in the previous customization, like casing and graphic card. However, thanks to the price drop of Intel Processor on 22 April, 2007, which cut down my budget around RM300.

Why I upgrade all the component?
Ya, why? Actually, all these upgrade is not for gaming, is I hope to learn more about technical knowledge of desktop PC like overclocking, fix and build a desktop PC myself, diagnostic and troubleshoot hardware problems, and hope it won't outdate in 4 years. To do this, need a high end PC.

Intel Processor: from E6400 to E6420
During this 3 months period, I though about change my processor from E6400 into more high end E6600, which cost RM1130 before price drop(which now left RM700), but the only feature that I not satisfy with E6400 is the Cache size only 2MB. Now, Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 came out with cheaper price, same spec with E6400, just upgrade the cache to 2MBx2, while the clock speed can be overcome by overclock it, moreover, I am not a gamer, sure I change the target to it.

Why Retail Vista?
Emm, actually I prefer Ultimate Edition or Business Edition, but it's too expensive. The reason to choose Retail instead of OEM is because I may play around the features on different PC and if something goes wrong, I need to reformat the PC several times, which OEM can't do. To understand more on the different of OEM and Retail, see my previous post. Don't call me rich bastard just because I plan to buy original la... I am not a bastard la... Just I know what is right, what is wrong, and responsibility, and also a little bit money from my saving...


Thanks to Louis who help me a lot to monitor the prices of processor and graphic card, thanks a lot.


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