Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah Yeah! I accepted the payment from PayPal!

After a few weeks of trying and finding truth, at last, today I got my debit card, reloaded with RM100 in the bank, and came back to verify my PayPal!

Before this, I can't accept the amount, my debit card numbers kept rejected by PayPal, because there is no any fund inside that card. For your information, PayPal will charge USD1.95 to send a 4 characters pin to you on your next statement to get verified, so you can only proceed when your card has that amount of money(USD1.95, that's why I need to reload the card first)

Currently, I already accept the payments, without completely verify my identity, as I need to wait for my next statement.

Verification provides many benefits:

  • Higher spending power - There's no limit to the amount of money you can send once you are Verified.
  • Increased security - Verification not only offers you increased security, it lets others know you are a confirmed member of the PayPal community.
  • More buyer and seller confidence - Buyers and sellers value your Verified status. It shows you have successfully passed PayPal's identification checks.

Thanks to so many bloggers who provided useful information for me while I urgently need an answer, thank you.

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Bengbeng said...

i worry too how it will be like when it is my turn to claim...i have no idea at all. my money on pay pal is just adding up by the day and also my ad-sense but i don't know how to access it. hahhaa.

vhanded said...

Real?Don't bluff la, I read one of your blog said that you like to travel with your family with your money from internet... However, if it's real, money from Adsense will be sent to you when the total amount is USD50, and PayPal money can be spend directly online or sell the amount to singaporean who can access the PayPal money from bank and ask him to bank in the amount into your local bank.

Bengbeng said...

the money is there about mayb USD400 including adsense but it is all virtual money. haven't seen a single ringgit. this means that I have to find a Singaporean lah. That will b impossible for me as I know nobody who will do it for me. Perhaps spend it online. Can I use it to purchase air tickets like AirAsia or MAS? How to transfer paypal money to Air Asia for example?

I am not kidding. BTW u mention sell to S'porean..what is their cut for helping us? Sorry to trouble u like this. I need to know. At first when I started blogging, it was for fun but once I started is even more fun to see ad money piling up hahaha.

Thank you. Aiyo even my comments are like my posts, all so chong he or long winded hahahaha

vhanded said...

Not only Singaporean, any PayPal users who can withdraw money from their local bank will do.

Good question, why they want to help you? This is kind of ridiculous, but is the way to get the money out, is to sell it to them at lower rate, like currently S$1 = RM2.25, but you offer S$1 = RM2.20 or lower, and yousell it to them, so they will earn, and you lose a little bit to get cash in your bank when they bank in the value to you. See ebay malaysia, you can see many paypal user doing that. You can also refer to for more info.

You mention use to order air ticket online, so means that you have credit card link with PayPal. Everytime you spend using paypal, money will deduct from your account, until it dried, then money will start count into your credit card.

But personally, I prefer to spent online, but there is just not enough money in there for an ipod... sad.

Bengbeng said...

oh...thanks. i will go to find out more. thx for yr info. :)

anthraxxxx said...

There is a new problem. In the past, it's ok if I did not add a bank account as long I add a credit card into paypal because I still have the option of "accept money but do not add an account". Now, Paypal wants me to add a US account before I can accept payment. So I was wondering whether you are facing the same problem like mine. Have you been accepting money recently?

vhanded said...

Hi, until now, I didnt facing that problem yet, maybe 4 days later will tell you, as another post will be paid after 4 days, stay tune.

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