Friday, April 13, 2007

At last, the MMU Vista Launch was over...

2 days of promoting, distributing, and performing, Microsoft Campus Launch was ended at 12 April 2007, 5pm. All our event on the second day was not as excited as the first day... This is the post that I continue from the first day of event.

On the second day, as usual, I skipped class again. We continue the Live Quiz event to giving out freebies from Microsoft. But what surprised me is, no one can answer the quiz. serious.

People are getting frustrated to get their DVDs and CD-keys, and started to complain to us, and what we explained was no point for them...

However, the Spot the Car event still going on, and lots of freebies were distributed to the lucky winner whose cars were spotted, congratulation!

*One thing I want to mention is, on the first day and second day, 1 bastard kept coming our booth, act like committee, walking around in our working area, and always asked me give him DVD and CD-key, even I told it that CD-Key will be distribute later. He thought he is some friend of high-comm, then he can do whatever he want, go back your house and fuck yourself. You know who you are...

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