Saturday, April 7, 2007


Again, I write post about my dream PC again.

This time, after my investigate about the monitor SAMSUNG 940BW, now I look at the other part of my new PC--hard disk.

What is SATA II?
To fully understand SATA II, I search on Wikipedia. But what make me confused is, no clear explanation of what is SATA II! Most PC catalogue show that their motherboards and hard disks are SATA II, but no further explanation on it...

After some searching work, I understood it.

Actually, SATA II is not a technology or brand name, just a marketers gave the new SATA hard disk that name. SATA, or Serial Advance Technology Attachment, is a new technology that using Serial cable to transfer data, instead of traditional parallel cable. During the time when SATA came out, the transfer rate is just 1.5Gbit/s. Later, a new organization, called SATA II was formed and they increase the transfer rate to 3.0Gbit/s. And because of that, marketer use the name of the board as the new 3.0Gbit/s SATA hard disk. Now the name of the board was change to SATA IO (Serial ATA International Organization).

What the big different about SATA and the so-called SATA II?
The only obviously different is the transfer rate(not to mention some architecture design of it). From the first generation SATA, (or so-called SATA I), the transfer rate is 1.5Gbit/s, doubled to 3.0Gbit/s in the next generation SATA (or so-called SATA II).

How about the buffer rate and the electric usage?
I don't think this is under SATA II works. This vary from manufacturers, as well as models. If you want to buy hard disk, you have to compare it by yourself. Of course, I prefer Western Digital (don't know why, feel they are professional). My next targeted component locked--WD Caviar® SE16 ! Come with 250GB,300MB/s, 16MB Cache, and 7200RPM, wow!

WD Caviar® SE16, my future storage companion.

OK, finished my preferable hard disk, I want to show you all a cool hard disk by Western Digital, too.

150GB, 10,000RPM, 16MB Cache, and the best part is, the WD Raptor X is the world only Clear Cover hard disk! You can see how the platter spinning inside the hard disk, and how read/write head moving to read/write data, that's really cool!

Take a look at this video:


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