Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MMU Microsoft Campus Launch was held successfully today!

Today, I was so excited. Woke up 7am in the morning, went to class, wearing the T-shirt sponsored by Microsoft. Yes, after months of arrangement and preparation, at last, Microsoft Campus Launch is here! In Multimedia University, MMU Melaka!

decoration on top of CLC Concourse

"5,4,3,2,1 Windows Vista is now in MMU, Melaka"
This launching is awesome. We cover half of the CLC Concourse(for your information, CLC is the largest building in MMU, Melaka), we invited our sponsors, Dean of FIST, and Marketing Director of Microsoft, Vico (his name), cute? With our respective MC, (she ask me to call her 'M'), she carried the open ceremony successfully, and together with the Live Quiz. And during the quiz, we gave out a Windows Vista Ultimate and a Vista Home Basic, congratulation to the 2 lucky friends!DSC08772

Vista Girls in joy

Besides that, we manage to get a XBOX for demo. A little bit disappointed, because our actual plan was XBOX 360. However, that is the first time I touched XBOX console, quite excited. I played car racing games with friends, and even strangers, and that time I feel that gaming console is not that bad thing. Share the fun together.

Windows Vista Review
This talk was conducted by our event director, Smith Ang, who is also the Microsoft Student Partner in MMU. He is funny, and crap a lot. During the talk, he introduced some cool and significant features of Windows Vista, for example, Windows Sidebar, Search box, Backup Manager, backward compatibility, other cool feature. For me, I already seen and experience those features for so long time(although I don't have Vista PC), but still feel cool with Vista.

Giving out Windows Vista Business Edition CD-Key
I think this is the main concern of all participants. They all bought our T-shirt during the event, so they can Windows Vista Business Edition, no matter full version or demo version. The queue was so long, and after an hour, it's still look the same! DSC08800

Best part of today
I skipped 2 classes to see the crowd during launching, but never feel regret. I also manage to took photo with Vico! Today is also the first time I touch XBOX.
Me with Vico(Microsoft Malaysia Marketing Director, not Milo. (See my T-shirt?)

keep reading my tomorrow or day after tomorrow blog about the second day of the launching, more freebies to giving out yet!

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