Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Graphic Card from Nvidia will release this month.

As you all can see from the title, new graphic cards will be release by Nvidia this month, or to make it specify, is 17 April.

This release, the main character is Nvidia GeForce 8 series, consist of 8600GTS, 8600GT, and 8500GT. This is a really big news for me, as I want to experience DirectX 10 and shader model 4.0 on my new PC.

I think most of you know that, only Windows Vista will supported with DirectX 10. And because of that, I struggle a long time to choose my future graphic card. ATI is definitely not in my buying list, (in narrow minded, I dont like AMD; and AMD bought ATI, so I don't like ATI).

Geforce 8600GTS
Yes, from all the 3 releases, I prefer this one. Here is the specification:

Code name: G84
Bus interface: PCI-E x 16(of course!)
Memory: 256MB
Core clock reference: 675MHz
Memory Clock reference: 2000MHz
Bandwidth reference: 32GB/s
Bus type: DDR3
Bus width: 128bit
Support DirectX 10 and OpenGL 2.1

The spec is very satisfying me, although some values are slightly lower than GeForce 7950GT, but compare the price and the performance, 8600GTS has more value per performance than the old 7950GT that can't support DirectX 10. Click here to see the specification performance of Nvidia GPU.

Before the release of 8600GTS, I thought I never have the chance to experience DirectX 10, because even the low end 8800GTS cost around RM1300++... But now, the GeForce 8600GTS just cost around RM690 to RM794, half the price of 8800GTS, but get about 70% of it, that's definitely worth!

The design is not as long as GeForce 8800, not really cool design, but can you see the SLI connector on top of the graphic card? Yes! It can support SLI! Actually, I am not a gamer, I just like to test several experiments with my new PC, feel excited to see high benchmark. Quite expensive way, right?

Some Radeon news:
Radeon will also release it's first DirectX 10 graphic card, the Radeon X2900 family, X2600, and X2300,(code name R600) with a lot of variety in the X2900 family, include X2900 XTX2, X2900XTX, X2900 GTO, X2900 XT, X2900 SL. Especially the X2900XTX2, it should be the best graphic card ever when it release. Click here to see the specification comparison.

Now one more PC component targeted, next is the motherboard.

See my previous post for my targeted hard disk and monitor.

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