Saturday, September 22, 2007

Advertlets? Heard before?

Haiyo, if you never heard before, quit blogging sphere la! Just kidding. IF you never heard of it, I will tell you how cool is it.

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Why I missed that opportunities? All the winner won RM 50! But now, I still have chance to earn a little bit, by writing about this, not much, just about RM 20 only. But since I am struggle to buy a camera, I think this RM 20 is consider a big contribution. Panasonic Lumix FX-100, cost RM1499! And I need more than half of it so can buy it! Now using a lousy phone camera, if I got this, can post more beautiful photo on my blog lo~~

sexy leh~~

You can also get the RM 20, visit here for more info. A new opportunity will be announce next month, stay tune!

again, thanks to “ - Blog Advertising in Asia!”.

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