Saturday, September 15, 2007

Very low cost phone call, by Pingo.

Have you ever make a lot of phone call? To girl friend, boy friend, mom, dad, and even to your doggies. For experience caller, they know, that is expensive, but they are like addicted, or in other words, calling is part of their daily life and they just cannot life without it. Besides trying to save some money from foods and movie tickets, another way is to use Pingo.

Abnormal Phone Card with Abnormal Service.
Pingo is a cheap phone card, but with all the functions that you can imagine, and even some that you never imagine! let take an example: Is there any other prepaid phone service will tell you what is the rate that you calling now? Pingo's RateWatcher does; Is there any prepaid service pay you $15 if you can refer a new customers? Pingo does.

Pingo service is international, means, you can use this service in Malaysia, just like any phone operators. With as low as 8.2 cents in USD per minutes, or 28 cents in Ringgit Malaysia, Pingo users can talk on phone with more freedom, say good bye to Speed Good Bye! To check the rate of Pingo in your country, click here.

Besides Malaysia, if you are a traveler, you can also use the service just like other operators in other countries, without worry there is no signal for your phone, cool right? The best part is, no hidden fees! Besides for casual usage, Pingo also has a Business Plan for businessmen (or woman) to make long-distance international call, see here.

Yes! I am interested!
If you sign up Pingo now, you will get $5 USD call time for free! So means, you can get $25 USD of call time with just $17 USD. Besides that, Special phone card blog discount coupon: “ppp3” valid for $3 off Pingo.

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