Sunday, September 9, 2007

Inline Skate at Putrajaya

Speed, the adjective that all people love, and scare of.

Yesterday night, we experienced the speed again. Actually the morning, we already visited the Cyber Park at Cyberjaya, and had 2 hours of skating with Kok, Su, and Ramesh. That's the first time I tried 6 steps stairs, only 1 out of 5 trials success...

Putrajaya: Skater's Paradise!
Wow, this is the best skating location I ever seen in my life! 2.8km straight boulevard, very very less traffic, very wide, and the surface very smooth!

At night, I skated with Su, Kok, and Hao. And, not again! I injured my knee again and tear my jeans while doing a jump over above 70cm high walls... And the rest of the time, I had to roll up my pants and Kind of insane, I hate injured!

Putra Skate

Putra Skate4

Putra Skate3

Putra Skate2

This is the crossing run after 1 months of practice, still not very good.

These days always skate, and so many stuff didn't do yet. Next week must finish all my assignment and get back to my lecture track!

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