Friday, September 7, 2007

UPSR is running.

The government exam for primary school in Malaysia, UPSR is currently executing, and this is the biggest exam for those 12 and below students, so pressure!

I remember during my primary school time, my parents sent me to tuition center, and I learn a lot there, maths, languages. So, now, I can understand the important of having an Innovative Tutor.

 I scored well in the exam, and successfully enter an excellent high school, which determine my life direction, until now. Even in high school, tuition was also a necessary to most students to study further and details.

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生番薯 said...

i din tuition in primary de woh...the 1st tuition in my life is form 4 n 5..all because of my laziness

vhanded said...

生番薯: haha, and I tuition at the same center since standard 4 to form 5... so good with the teacher there.

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