Sunday, September 23, 2007

For Charity, for her dream.

HcFoo, one of my blogger friend, is a big fan of the world class tennis player, Rafael Nadal. By end of this year, an international tennis match will be held in Malaysia(Visit Malaysia Year 2007!!!) in Malaysia Independence Tennis Festival, and she is going to meet her idol!!


How she do that?
Wow, she is a cool girl! Of course, the organizer won't easily let her meet Nadal 1 on 1, so to achieve that dream, she had launched a campaign to collect support from bloggers, friends, and even anonymous. And when the support number is enough, she will propose to the organizer.

Why should help her?
This is not only for her own sake. By every support she collected, she promised to donate RM 1 to the charity organization, which organization she will decide later.

Cool... How to help her?
By just visit her post about the campaign, and leave a comment, with keywords 'Vamos VMY2007', plus a valid link back to a valid blog or website. For every successful comment, she will donate RM 1. If possible, please forward this campaign on your blog too.

example comment:
Hcfoo, you rocks!(optional)
Vamos VMY2007 (compulsory)


Targeted comments: 200
Who can support: Bloggers from all over the world
Closing date for comments: 7.59 p.m., 20 November 2007 or targeted comments achieved.

I do hope if she help those approach extinction animals especially Polar Bear or into Global Warming Fund, but all up to her. Please support her~~

Large male polar bear eight kilometres north of Oliktok, Alaska, US, in the Beaufort Sea.
(time run out for Polar Bear)

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hcfoo said...

Vhanded, thank u for your support.

Very touched...

Currently I'm drafting the letters to Nadal's management/worldwide marketing team and the organizer regarding about my proposal and will post the detail in my blog soon.

Wuching said...

what a clever way to gain links!

vhanded said...

hcfoo: just a helping hand, I do hope you can donate to help this dying planet.

wuching: err... I put that in the second place, and actually is me linking other, not other link to me. It's up to HCFOO to donate to any agency, but I just human on this planet put more awareness to this dying land, I am worry.

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