Thursday, September 27, 2007

After the exam , is holiday again!

These days I feel so stress, so many tasks need to do, and the exam is coming next week. Someone, please help me! However, when think about after the bloody exam, will be a long long 3 weeks holiday! Wow!

Is about Holiday trip again!
Em, since my budget going low, I don't want to plan for those oversea's destinations. People said, Malaysia is small, but I never explore 80% of it yet, like Kelantan, Tioman Island, and many more beautiful and relax destinations awaiting. May consider about it.

Lucky, Hotel Reservation is here, everywhere.
Since the growth of Internet, everything is becoming so simple, checking holiday destinations, holiday packages, trip rates, all in just 1 click. Hotel Reservations is providing this kind of service, to provide an easy and relax way to book hotel, to prepare transportation to destinations like air tickets. Not only can get me there, it also get me to travel every corner of the destination by helping me to rent a car! And this service is not only available to US or UK or any big nations only, it's available to the whole world.

I hate Tourism Guide.
Usually I don't like to follow the holiday trip, as the trip will move fast, and I will only have the chance and time to take some photos, that's all. If I go with friends and rent a car, then I can explore myself to every corners, not to follow the Speedy Guide and walk around, snapping photos like nuts!

Em, since I watch the movie Summer Holiday by Richie Ren(not a new movie, but very nice scene) that taken scene in Redang Island, I feel like visit there. After search through the website, it returns a Primula Parkroyal, cost USD 147, which is RM 500 per day. For a 3 stars hotel on a tropical island, that is a reasonable price, as not much accommodation can be found there, and it's 3 stars hotel!

Nice, Nice.

Hotel Reservations do have a lot of features that you never imagine, visit there and try it out!

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