Saturday, September 15, 2007

Google Peoples are Insane.

Anyone use Gmail? Yes, a lot. I am one of the loyal supporter since I got an invitation from Kenny in 2004.

What are the reasons I love it so much?
1. The clean interface, no Flash advertisement like Hotmail and Yahoo!.
2. No ugly attached words in mails like: Download Y! Messenger! or Use Hotmail to get rid of SPAM!
3. Fast AJAX interface.
4. It's product of Google. (I want to work in Google some day!)
5. It has shortcut key. I press 'U' to back to inbox, instead of clicking 'Back'. Very fast. More shortcut key, see here.
6. Freedom.
7. Large Attachment--20MB.
8. Increasing storage.( Yahoo is unlimited, I know, so what?)
9. Cool, Creative.


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