Saturday, September 22, 2007

Live in Alpha Year, Multimedia University

I have been tagged by Raw Potato, and I just realize, she is also MMU student! Anyway, thanks for the tag that I owe you so many weeks, and I promise to write it today.

What is the nice memories in Alpha Year?
(Alpha Year is the first year in MMU)

1. Em, I never join so much activities in high school before, and since I enter MMU, I realize that, join activities is the best way to socialize, and I knew a lot of friends through activities, too many too mention la! Some that I knew in my class, although not all now study in Cyberjaya, but it's a very nice moment!
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(not sure should post this picture, too many "fingers", censored)

2. I have many first time in my life in Alpha Year. The first time to go on ice, the first time to have a meal that expensive than RM 20, the first time to experience a lot of things, and much more! But never hold a girl's hand before yet...

3. My first birthday cake since age of 6. I never ask for anything for my birthday, just hope if there is someone can remember this day, 17th of May. And my ex-roommate, arrange together with my gang, give my a birthday cake and present! I am so touching, never imagine that moment before!


4. Study what I like is still the best in Alpha. I never regret to take Information Tech as my course, and I will fulfill the requirement to be one of the best Software Engineer in the country! Study what I like is my way to success~~

5. I shook Vince Chong's and K-Town Clan's hand! image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

If you don't know them, whatever, I shook their hands in their performance during Trinite 2007 because I am the DJ mixer, haha! Although I have both good and bad experience towards the event, however, both make me grow up, thanks to those who threat me sucks.

For this, I don't know much about MMU Bloggers, so I think whoever is MMU students and reading my blog and feel like want to write, leave a comment, and go ahead, see ya!

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Che-Cheh said...

Awww nice memories. Appreciate them'll miss 'em when come into working life.

vhanded said...

Many people said that, wonder is it that terrible in working world?

narrowband said...

Not sure you remember this violinist named Joanne Yeoh, invited to come for one of MMU's events... i forgot whether it was the U-nite or the Tri-nite. If U-nite then you won't remember her...

She was treated like an ordinary student and didn't get the VIP treatment. She's actually quite big in the music scene, locally and internationally.

Anyway, hope you will be able to achieve your dreams to be a good Software Eng. MMU has the infrastructure and capabilities to produce high quality graduates.

vhanded said...

narrowband: emm, never heard of her before... as I am not into music field. Are you MMU graduate too?

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