Friday, September 14, 2007

The Best JOKE in Town Nowadays.

This joke is fun, very fun. My friend, I don't want to say who is him, let just call it B.

3 months ago, B saw a online bulk PC sales at LowYat.Net forum, and after some calculation, he decided to get his pc from the supplier. According to the terms and conditions, the buyer has to bank in full amount first before making order. So, due to the high reputation of the seller, B banked in the full amount into that seller account.

After 14 working days, as the seller mentioned, he will send out stuff. However, things doesn't works like what B expected. That seller like to lie to the customers, said their stuff will arrive by this week, actually, he said that every week.

Until now, 3 months was passed, B was getting crazy, he is so worry that his money was con by that so called seller, and everybody who was also conned by that seller ask for refund.

And guest what that seller said: "I don't have money now, how about I pay back the money by assurance? 1 week I will take RM1250 from supplier, and divide into total person who need refund."

Means? 1 person can only receive RM200 per week!! B need 3 months to claim back all his money!!! And even when he called the seller, the seller never pick up the phone, and simply said his mic spoiled.

What a irresponsible seller! Remember his name, s[H]sikua, so that no other people will get cheated. For safety, never buy anything on LowYat forum anymore, not even COD(cash on delivery), scare someday they bring the whole gang to COD with you, that time COD is Cause of Death...

These days, B was like shit, everyday people ask him: "where is your PC?", "Someone don't have PC la, don't hurt him la", or "I just need 3 hours to go and back with the whole set of PC in Low Yat Plaza"...

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Che-Cheh said...

Pity your friend. Hopefully he can get back the money.

Bengbeng said...

aiyo that's not the way to do business. this is terrible.

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