Monday, September 10, 2007

My Traffic Increase because of Dead People?

This morning I sign in to my Stat Counter, and found that my traffic have a suddenly increase, feels weird, so I checked the Pageload Activity, and found that most people visited this page: Shit Happen Again in Melaka, from search engine.

A real Suicide case.
This is the second time a fatal case happen in this apartment, and I was the resident in there last year, when the first fatal case happened. That time this blog still never born, but I blogged about it at my previous blog. That time the case is considered an accident.

While this time, is a suicide case. An Indian girl who almost graduate, because of love, something which is so abstract and powerful, she killed herself.

How it happen?
The body was found beside Block A(girl's block), and her shoes was found at 18th floor, but the CCTV recorded that she jumped down from 7th floor. Maybe she scared of 18th height, then down to 7th floor. Details are found on SinChew Daily.

So many years her parents take care of her, and so much money spent on her study, and just before 3 months from graduate, she suicide, just because of a guy who always quarrel with......


So glad I still alive this morning when I woke up.

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hcfoo said...

And blog being associated with a suicide case is pretty creepy huh?

Wow, admire u for not being afraid and can still stay cool about it.

生番薯 said...

stay alive needs the most courage...

keeyit said...


I like this tag line... Treasure our life for your own and your love one..

vhanded said...

hcfoo: last year the fatal case also happen between Hungry Ghost festival, and this one too, creepy huh...?

RawPotato: Die need more courage...

keeyit: that's the reason i must stay alive, not to myself, but to people I care.

Erictan7 said...

creepy.. people dont seem to understand it's stupid to die for love. Love yourself more 1st. Sorry too busy dun hv time to blog n continue ur tag.. =.=

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