Thursday, September 27, 2007

I thought in Cyberjaya, my life will be more tidy.

During my study in my life, everytime when exam is approaching, my table will be like a battle field. And that time, I blame the table was too small.

HPIM1807 (During SPM...)

my table
(In Melaka...)

But now, when I moved to Cyberjaya, and now the final exam for this semester is approaching, as usual, my table will transform into some kind of trash dumping zone...



Now with 3 tables, no more excuse, I am just too lazy to clean up my table(s)....

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satkuru said...

my table isn't any different from yours :P

in the end i shifted all my notes and books on my bed -_-"

all the best in your finals ;)

Kitkat said...

Your table very tidy lar.. haha...

Che-Cheh said...

Wow 3 table also not enough? aiyo

vhanded said...

satkuru: is it? Show us.

kitkat: means your's is worse than dumping site?

che-cheh: 3 tables? yes, not enough.

生番薯 said...

all pic cant see de??

hcfoo said...

compare to spm time, your table is consider very tidy already :)

vhanded said...

生番薯: Can, I think is your connection problem.

hcfoo: really? Maybe in uni, all things are in digital format, so less paper.

keeyit said...

Haha.. this is Uni life.. Haha..

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