Friday, May 11, 2007

Shit happen again in Ixora, Melaka.

Glasses hit on the roof, cause a strong noise, fractions of glasses felt on the corridors and walls.....; water bottle experienced free fall from 10+ storey, and hit the same target again.....; another side of the block, hard and soft things being threw into pool of water....

This is not some crazy scene in movie, it's in Ixora Apartment, Bukit Beruang, an apartment exclusively for MMU students.

This was a chaos! Yesterday night, around 12am, suddenly the whole Ixora black out(electricity interruption), all residents like took extra doses of adrenaline, all went crazy and do the same stupid thing that happen last year. Rubbish threw down from 10+ storey building, hit on the roof and break it; newspaper being threw out from balcony, and flied everywhere; glasses and 5 liter water bottle aim at the zinc roof down there... Difficult to explain, pictures say more than words:


swimming rubbish.

2 desperate Ixora stuffs behind the scene.

new dispose area in Melaka.

count(rubbish) and win contest.

flying chair.... don't try this at home!

OK, now you know what happen. Rubbish felt down like rain, and boys shone torchlight to girls' apartment, and both genders fighting with mouth. Paper plane fly on the sky, eggs, and anything that you can mention can be found on the compound this morning. The chaos happen for about 1 hour, until police came and control the "riot". From the beginning till the end, I am just an observer, looking burning towel fry down, and even flaming textbook.

Some advice to the new batch of security guard: relax, this may be your first time to handle this kind of situation, but this is not the first time happen in Ixora, let those bastards throw for 1 hour, and they will rest, until the electricity supply recover.

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nazlihaffiz said...

wow.. errr.. why?

Lara Amir said...

salvage operations/damaged goods sale anyone?

Keropok Man said...


why do such gila things?

vhanded said...

nazlihaffiz: Because of electricity interruption, and those students get crazy... is it related with the upcoming exam next week?

lara amir: har? You mean....

Keropok man: Dont know, maybe exam is coming next week(to release pressure) , or there is a beast gen in all of us...

anthraxxxx said...

Is there a riot at Bukit Beruang or something? However there was a similar incident happened in the MMU campus 6 years ago.

Jasonmumbles said...

One of the reasons why I never want to stay in an apartment.

hcfoo said...

At first I thought it's hurricane.

Dunno what happen to young ppl nowadays. Should kick them out of the kampus.

vhanded said...

Antraxxxx: This is not the first time happening this kind of electricity interruption chaos, but this is not really a riot, just brainless bastard throwing rubbish to show their anger, but them seems like enjoy than angry.

Jasonmumble: What to do? This is the nearest unit to campus... Next sem will be moving to Cyberjaya, no more apartment, haha!

hcfoo: Useless la, most crazy act is from International students from middle east and indonesia, and another race in Malaysia...

anthraxxxx said...

It was much worst 6 years ago. Last time when the MMU campus went blackout, the students were really "rioting". They smashed the windows with their chairs. After that they threw every lab computers onto the ground to vent their frustrations.

rebel-with-a-cause said...

vhanded: u ACTUALLY think that it was foreigners and "other" races were the main contributors to this?

during my days when this happened in emerald park, let me assure u that EVERY race had equal participation in this. i saw for myself a girl who looked like ur typical ah-moi-next-door with her "fengtau" shorts and nerdy glasses throwing a pail of water (yes, WITH the pail!) out of the 4th floor! first class honours-looking-ah bengs were shooting fireworks into girls' apartments across them.

to blame "other" races and foreigners were the primary cause of this is ignorant yet arrogant to assume the "supreme" race had nothing to do with need not be said that barbarians do exist within the most civilized and educated minds as well.

anyway most people might be upset over this whole thing for now. as for me and my former housemates, we still laugh our hearts out when recalling those moments.

to a certain extent, i do believe in "extreme protests" but that is a topic for another day

vhanded said...

rebel-with-a-cause: Ya, maybe I shouldn't point to other RACES. However, my housemate and I, which consist of mostly chinese, never throw even a paper plane out, just laugh and running to others house to kepo and get different views...

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