Monday, February 5, 2007

Bill Gates' Sons Show you 'WoW'

Finally, Microsoft Malaysia successfully launch the next generation of Operating system, Microsoft Windows Vista, this start up a revolution to the IT industry. The Vista Launch successfully at Low Yat Plaza, kuala Lumpur. I went to the launch in the early morning, without hesitate, we went to the Vista Stage to look around.


Who is invited?
To boost up the environment, Microsoft Malaysia invited the top DJ from, JJ! Of course, there are more people later, keep reading.

The agenda of this event is interesting, a lots of games were design to promote Vista, like Fear Factor and Search for Vista Fugitive. The first part of Fear Factor, I took part in it. OK, this is a bit embarrassed, I will show the video at here.

"Forgot the language while down on one knee?!"

"Nowadays, young man can eat chili."

(please wait for 2 days for the video to approve)

After I ate 4 red chilies, I start to feel a force pushing up from my burning stomach. I force myself to eat another 3 more chilies, then I gave up, and vomit behind the stage. haha. The Vista Winner, is my friend, Falix, who finished all the chilies in 2 minutes and 24 seconds and he kept showing off his Ultimate Edition for the whole day... so jealous. He just sold it on with a price of RM1000, as he is a Linux user.

Me with Falix's Ultimate Edition

Core 2 Duo, and these 2 guys is really Duo!!

There is also a game to find Vista Fugitive in the mall,we search until our legs cramp, and after half an hour of searching, there still nothing, and we found many persons with similar face... embarrassing...Image005
One of the Vista Fugitive

Vista Hunt
This is the main reason we travel far from Melaka to KL. Our team name, Bill Gates' Sons, was the most happening team name among 188 teams, and when my team name was announced, people shout and joy for it, haha! 3,2,1 Go! 600 ++ participants ran like ants, heading to their owns sectors. Very regret, I was too concentrate to solve the clue, and I forgot to snap some photo of our searching process. The questions are very very difficult, maybe Microsoft want us to think out of the box to solve the questions, like IT pros solving IT problems. We lose the game, of course, but at least we got a T-shirt with Windows Vista Logo embroidered on it, not bad huh?

This guy just shave his leg, and he won the Ultimate Edition with Bill Gates signature.

The WOW Start
KT Ng, Director of Microsoft Malaysia, were demoting the Aero Interface, and when he let the "dead" water in wallpaper flowing, that's the most obvious "WOW" I heard. To suit the Chinese New Year Atmosphere, Microsoft Malaysia invited a Dragon----yes, a dragon dance team. The dragon is chasing a orb with a Vista Logo onto it, and when the orb were placed on the stage, it's 8pm, Microsoft Windows Vista were officially Launch in Malaysia!! WOW! Everybody shouting 'WOW', which is the slogan of Windows Vista--Show us your WOW. K-Town Clan, the hip hop clan in KL shake the earth with their unstoppable rap technique.

The Vista Walk Hunt Grand winner

The Vista Walk Hunt winner
This session is the most ridiculous part. You won't believe, even the 8th winner score 82/85! And the Grand prizes winner scored perfect! This is impossible if you saw the questions, unless they got secret information from someone, you know la. The grand winner brought back 2 Bill Gates Own Signatured Vista Ultimate Edition, which only 2 unit available on this planet, 1 business edition, 1 home premium, 2 laptops, and other side prizes... But what made us feel proud was when the DJ announced the grand winner, he said: "Bill Gates' Sons don't want his father's signature." the audience shouted 'wow'. Bill Gates' Sons rocks! If there is a creative team name competition, we sure will win!

These are the Bill Gates' Sons, scare leh...

This time, Vista Success
Microsoft never has fans that support it before, not like MAC OS X or Linux that having their own fans sites. But this time, at the launch, I really feel that Vista already installed a positive patch into our minds. But something I had wrong estimate is the prices. Here is the actual prices:

Windows Vista (FPP) Prices
Home Basic RM715
Home Premium RM848
Business RM1055
Ultimate RM1415

I thought Malaysia will have special prices for Windows Vista, but it still same, I wrongly use the retail prices in US to compare with OEM prices in Malaysia, and now I know, it's different.

Really a good experience
This is the first time I join a big product open ceremony, even I got nothing valuable, at least I feel satisfy, I got the answers I want, and use the time wisely, and, I am happy. Forget to tell you one more thing, my friend, Aaron, this morning just won another HP Desktop with Onion Eating competition... haha!! MMU Rocks!

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hcfoo said...

The winners of vista hunt did not get information from anyone. Haha...

These people are pros. Recently I've been joining motor treasure hunts and they are the familiar faces I see in every hunt. They always win!

vhanded said...

Real?.... Can't believe there are some kind of persons out there can solve that crazy questions... Really a treasure hunter...

JJ said...

Hope you had fun. Am glad Vista is here. Hope you listen to us in the morning too

vhanded said...

Thanks jj, you're cool! Don't worry, I will listen to your show.

Anonymous said...

It was JJ who was hosting the show. Rudy wasn't there.

vhanded said...

sorry for miss typed, I will correct it.

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