Monday, February 12, 2007

Which PC Vendor should you buy from?

IT market giant, Microsoft, not only push their own latest OS, Windows Vista, but it also move all the IT market, and they all grow together. With the superior graphic of Vista, consumers need more powerful graphic card, faster processor, and some other hardware. So now, assume you want to buy a new PC, and you don't plan to build it yourself or buy it from other not-so-famous PC builder, which PC vendor should you buy from?

dell logo
Dell, once the largest PC vendor in the world, is my favorite PC OEM(original equipment manufacturer), as the design is nice, and the price is the cheapest I can get in the OEM market. I like to spent my time customizing PC in , to see the price of the PC falling. (but no money to buy, haiz) Dell PC is cheap, because you don't need to pay for the center person, because the only way to buy it is through phone call and online, and the warranty coverage is wide.

HP, just beat Dell in 3rd quarter last year to be the world largest PC manufacturer, and still remain. What I like for HP is the laptop. There are 2 laptop lines in HP, one is Presario, one is Pavilion. It has a business and entertainment feeling together on the laptop design, but the price is a little bit higher than Dell. Our local HP website, is quite simple, no price list, no customization, very lousy, if you really like HP, buy it from PC shop like House of Notebook. My personal experience tell me, don't buy it from SEC, as their service very very sucks! What other OEM can't provide is the after sales service, really fast, especially Penang center, 3 days promise, no matter how serious the problem.

largest PC manufacturer, since bought IBM PC line, it jump to world no.3 PC manufacturer. After 2 years of hardwork and publicity, people start to pick up their guts to try Lenovo PC, as all people know that "made in China"'s quality is very low. The design is quite copycat, you can see a lot of similarity on Lenovo's desktop with HP's desktop. What worth to buy is still the IBM ThinkPad business machine. Call it machine in this way is absolutely correct, as ThinkPad can support heavy drop, high temperature, in water, strong pressure force, but not mean the laptop can survive in all these condition, at least it can protect the hard disk very very well, see the Legend of ThinkPad. The price is higher than HP, of course.
(Lenovo and HP desktop, look same huh?)

I really HATE this brand!! How can it be the world no.4 manufacturer! Deduct low price, it is nothing! The blog you all reading is typed by this brand! Sucks after sales service, low quality parts, lousy design, and failure rate in the first year can achieve 99%!! I strongly advice you all, not to support Acer anymore! Try to Google around, you can find how sucks is it! I simplify my comment for this brand:
price                  : cheap
quality                : low
after sales service:
1. need 1 and half month just to change a Combo  Drive(my experience)
2. need 1 and half month to get a second battery.(my experience)
3. not to mention about all Acer's users' problems.

After I finished this post, I realize that all the info that I gave is on laptop... Ok, for me, I prefer the first 3 brands, especially Dell, as I can customize it all by myself, and pay only what I want. For HP, although the design is nice, but spec always come first before design. Lenovo may be my future choice when I step into working world, hehe.

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