Saturday, February 10, 2007

Laptop or Desktop?

Nowadays, computer becoming more and more important in our daily life, from morning till night, from lunch to dinner. Of course, students also need computer. But, the problem is, which type of computer is suitable for student? Is laptop that mobile, less powerful, and expensive? Or desktop that bulky, more powerful, and cheaper? You decide.

Vote it at my sidebar, thank you. Please forward or link this page to your friends, especially students, to vote for this simple question, thank you! The poll will expire on 10 Mar 2007, subscript or bookmark my page to see the result.

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Bobby Ong said...

i guess if u are a student, it makes more sense to get a laptop. it's much easier to carry around doing projects with friends at restaurants etc....easier when moving house/hostel/room also :)

JS said...

Ya, laptop the best!!!!

JS said...

Seem u so like HP design

So, just choose the laptop.

vhanded said...

Yea, I thought of that too. But for the whole Alpha year(first year in university, or foundation year), I never move my laptop anywhere... Just place it in my room. That's why I think desktop is better than laptop, as it is more powerful and cheaper. But I worry next year in my IT degree, I may need quite a lot of mobility on my pc. So I need more comment on that, thank you!

F_M PT04 said...

laptop for those who stay far away from home. just enough to do your work. Desktop those who spends almost 1/2 their day infront of comuters

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