Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Now I found the way to add Adsense in New Blogger Post, correctly.

I think this post is quite funny, as I can see most bloggers out there already know how to add Adsense code into their template, but most of it is Wordpress and Old Blogger.... For New Blogger, the solution is still not enough and quite troublesome. I tried a thousand times with thousands of methods and tricks, but still can't embed my Adsense code successfully in my blog.

At last, I found it!
Now I can add my Adsense under my post title with no error and displaying correct color, here is the way I found on How to Earn Money Blogging, combined with Blogger Digest, and here is the 2 in 1 perfect solution.

  • Login into you New Blogger account, select layout from the dashboard.
  • Select Edit HTML from the tabs, and check Expand Widgets Templates checkbox.
  • search for this code:


  • Now, copy your Adsense code and paste it exactly under the code above, you're almost there.
  • You can try to save your project, and view it on your blog. Is it display correctly? Or the color changed? Or not even appear?
  • Ok, back to the Edit HTML page, don't forget to check the Expand Widget Template checkbox, and search for the code that you added just now.
  • easy step, search for the <!-- code and //--> code in the Adsense code.
  • Replace <!-- with &lt;!--
  • Replace //--> with //--&gt;
  • Save it, and done.

This is the trick that I found on How to Earn Money Blogging and Blogger Digest, please pay a visit to their blog as an appreciation.

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Sestri said...

Thanks for posting how to add adsense in new blogger. Everytime I changed the colors, I get an error message.
Do you have a post on how you added the "Digg This! • Save to del.icio.us • Email this • Submit To Netscape" links at the bottom of your posts too?

I read an article on things to do to help your blog rank in search engines and it suggested participating in meme's. I did this one yesterday: A Star Traveler Is Born's Meme. You can go to The Daily Meme for today's.

I couldn't find the article or I'd leave a link. Sorry.

vhanded said...

thanks for read my blog, and I saw a link to my site from your site. I will write an article on how to add the "Digg This! • Save to del.icio.us • Email this • Submit To Netscape" below your blog, stay tune.

Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Thanks for keeping this alive and I appreciate the credit given. All the best!


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