Monday, February 26, 2007

Trinite 2007: Temptations

Trinite 2007 will be held on 31st March 2007 at Equatorial Hotel, Melaka. As one of the working committee, I really glad and excite with the launching of one of the biggest event in MMU, Melaka campus.

Why name it Temptations?
The theme for this Trinite 2007 is Temptations. Why? Before setting of the theme, we committees already tempted by the artists, foods, nice costumes, romantic environment.... That's why we named it Temptations. Trinite 2007 also called The Last Installment. As most MMU students know, this is the 3rd year of Trinite, and 3rd, or 3, is a lucky number: 3 is a primary number, 3 is for good luck, and as you all can notice, all trilogy movies like Matrix and The Lord Of The Rings, the best episode is the 3rd episode, and no more after 3rd episode. We promise that this is the last and will going to be the best Trinite ever, thrust me, enjoy it.

Who is coming?
This year, we invited quite a numbers of artists and performers to heat up the environment. Our hosts, hehe, will be 2 Asia's hottest VJs in the form of Channel [V]'s Joey G and Marion Caunter. Tempted? Relax, more are coming, Malaysia's bilingual performer, Dayang Nurfaizah, Akademi Fantasia Season 1 winner, Vince Chong, and the nation's raging hip-hop vocal group and Blast Off! 2005 winner, K-Town Clan. Relax again, some special guests will appear on that day.

Today is the first day of Trinite 2007 launch, and I as the working committee had to go to the booth to distribute flyers. The flyers is cool, definitely will attract people's attention, as the flyers, or card boards, is full color, with the celebrities and some details printed on it. You won't going to throw it away, because it looks so nice! The flyers was design by Amanda. I will going to keep some as bookmarks.


People always said picture never lie. See the background of Trinite 2007? This is the largest banner in MMU. Looking everybody who passed by with their eyes starring on the background for so long time, they all tempted by it. The respond for the first day very very good, some sign up on the spot, some even no need explanation, just sign up at the counter. Before 10am, already more than 4 tables booked. The last year Trinite 2006 committees done a good job to promote it.

For early birds, you can get the tickets at RM89 per person for Premium seat, and RM85 for Standard Seat. The difference is the distance from the stage. Something to put attention: this early birds promotion is just for Table Booking, still not open to individual seat booking, so in this early birds promotion, faster collect 10 persons of your friends to book for a table. The maximum seats for a table is 10 persons.

For me, a working committee, will have a good arrangement for us, of course. I got the tickets at lower price. However, I can't enjoy like others who paid full prices, because I need to work and play at the same time. What to do? Nothing on this planet is free, had to work it out.

Enjoy it, thanks for make the Trinite the brightest star on that 31st March night.


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