Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update: Trinite 2007: Temptations

This is the update for my previous post, Trinite 2007: Temptations.

Today is the second day of launch, and I still don't know the selling result, but I have confident in it that almost half of the hall was booked.

Today, the Trinite 2007 website successfully launch. Please visit www.Trinite2007.com to see the fantastic and temptations of Trinite 2007!

Please be patient, as our website need some time to load it, because it is Flash based.

wallpaper organized

Last update: I announce that all Trinite 2007 that total up to 70 tables were fully booked since 28 Feb morning, 11am, this is really a great result from Trinite committees, yeah!

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