Thursday, February 8, 2007

Use ReadyBoost, to Make your PC faster.

I believe many people out there already start using Windows Vista(pirated and original), and I too believe all the users are attracted by the Aero Interface. Wait, there is another feature that will make you all WoW for Vista.

Windows Vista introduces a new way to make use of your USB Flash Drive. By insert a USB Flash Drive, Windows Vista can turn it to become an external memory, and cache data faster.

How it works?
A Flash Drive use the same medium as your primary memory(RAM) does - electronically charged modules, making this method respond faster than hard disk, since it's mechanical. This make ReadyBoost a better alternative than Virtual Memory, which use portion of your hard drive as memory space. If you take out the flash drive, ReadyBoost will be disabled. Your computer will be fine, though, because the files stored on the flash memory are only temporary copies. Data on the flash memory is encrypted to protect privacy using AES-128 encryption.

How to use it?
When you plug in you USB drive, Vista AutoPlay will show this small window, choose 'Speed up my system'(this option will only show if your flashdrive can support ReadyBoost, yes, not all are supportable.)

Another window pop up:

Click 'Use this device', and click 'OK'.

And it's done.

What Flash Drives are supported?
the device must support USB 2.0, be at least 256MB (with 64KB free) and less than 4GB, and have at least a 2.5MB/sec throughput for 4k random reads, and a 1.75MB/sec throughput for 512k random writes. Looks like my mini Pendrive can support it.

This method will not speed up your game
As we all know, flash drive is using 'Flash' to transfer and memorize data, and it is relatively slow if compare to RAM, which not using 'Flash' to memorize data. The performance won't be significant increase on a new powerful PC, like latest Core 2 Duo processor with 7200rpm harddisk and 1GB of RAM. It will show obvious performance upgrade if you run ReadyBoost on an old and slower PC, about 30 percents increase in startup speed on an old 4 years old Dell Latitude D600 with 512MB RAM.

Bring your Flash Drive to death.
Another problem by using Flash Drive to boost up your system is because ALL flash drives have limited life-span, once you write and re-write it, the life of your flash drive will decrease, and while using it as additional memory will accelerate your flash drive to death.


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