Saturday, February 17, 2007

The War of Operators: The Battle of Digi and Hotlink

After the war of HD-DVD and BluRay, the war of Microsoft and Apple, and now the latest local war: Hotlink and Digi.

brandI think most of us watch TV, right? And I assume that all must have watched the latest Digi commercial show, its about 6 yellow ducks swim together, but at the back there follow by 1 blue duck and 1 red duck. This is the Digi latest package, Friends and Family Plus. The main feature of this package is to add another non Digi operators contact into Friends and Family Plus, and they all have the same calling rate: 15cent per minutes.

hotlink_logo2But yesterday night, as I came back from Melaka to Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year, I heard this Hotlink commercial on A guy show off to his friend that he is using the Operator that allows him to add 2 other operators' numbers into his family plan, but his friend reply said that Hotlink allow him to make 50% call rate to ALL operators(include Hotlink), and not just 2.... the guy suddenly became quiet.

Dumb Consumer's view
From dumb consumer's view, Hotlink is better, but who know the real things? I went online to search for the rates of each operator, and it were complicated. Too many factors to take in mind, included call time, peak and off-peak, packages... These make consumers confused and they won't really care about the rate. What they really considered was the people around, like best friends, families, girlfriends and boyfriends...

The real thing

What 50% that Maxis said sound like a huge discount, but if you analyze it well, after discount 50%, you still need to pay 25 cents for local call and 60 cents for adjacent and non-adjacent call (to non-Maxis operator) and you need to spent more than RM6 on that day to get the discount, for me, I don't think I can get it. I am not a 'pro' phone talker... haha. But this discount is not just limited to 2 numbers, but to all operators, include Hotlink and Maxis themselves. See this. I believe most readers start to confuse by the rate... it's complicate.

Compared with Digi, they just charge 15 cents per minutes for the 2 non-Digi operators that registered under Friends and Family Plan, but SMS rate is still 15 cents per SMS, not same as other Friends and Family Digi numbers' rate that only charge 1 cent per SMS. See this.

For Celcom, it still stand aside and watch this war, and maybe it started to figure out any plan that similar and effective than these 2 operators. With it current Lite Plan, Mid Plan and Max Plan, let us consumers sit and see Celcom move the chess.

This post is just to talk about inter operators rate, as there are too many things to say if I write all the rate, moreover, I am not using Digi nor Hotlink, and actually I am using Maxis Postpaid, but if I use prepaid, I may choose Hotlink, as most of my friends are using it, so I can get cheaper rate when I call them; but for the concept, I prefer Digi's one, more simple, not promoting rubbish life like what Hotlink using in it's advertisement.


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