Monday, February 19, 2007

Can't get what you want on Google? Try Google Blogsearch.

I believe most people seldom use this search engine. Google Blogsearch, or is a search engine from Google(yes, Google again), but not to search every crab and product selling and advertisements, but more quality content from bloggers.

Same like Google Web Search, Blogsearch also contains some simple and helpful features like advance blog search. Some info, for example "Vista launch in Low Yat" , if you type it in Google Web Search, what you will get for the first result is definitely Microsoft Malaysia website, then is Lowyat site, and other popular site, the information is more general. But if you search it in Blogsearch, you will get the information that more based on personal experience.

Ok, enough for Vista. How about search for hostel around your dream college? By Google it, you will just get info of the college. and about other bullshit information. Try blogsearch, people's personal experience will tell you how to find hostel or apartment around there.

Play around with it, you will love it.

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