Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday on Discovery.

I woke up quite early in the morning (8am only la), I got some work to do. First, meet Dean of FBL and Dean of FIST, and then to Security department for some matter about Career Fair.

About 12, I went to lunch with Yeoh and Xiang, then we headed to MP(Mahkota Parade), but the bus stopped at the main gate of the new DP(Dataran Pahlawan), so we went into it first.

The First time at Dataran Pahlawan
Wow, not bad! With all the side gates facing to cool buildings like A'Famosa, and the air-conditioning! Imagine walking into it when the heat outside there can cook you!

The stage of Dataran Pahlawan
(photo grabbed from AmazingMelaka)

I bought 3 shirts for the coming Chinese New Year, and finally, I found the white long sleeve T-shirt without logo that I searched for months! Cost me RM29.90, worth it. Another 1 is pink polo T-shirt, and a horizontal green stripe T-shirt, the total is RM92.80, all Bossini. look like no more shirt for this sem.


Search For RAM for Xiang's PC
We search for RAM for Xiang's laptop, he want to buy DDR 333 1GB RAM, but all shop got no stock. I remember clearly one of the shop, name CEM Multimedia Sdn Bhd at Melaka Raya there. The service is really good, polite and will search for any info that you request, even you didn't buy anything. I make a free advertisement for it:

HP service center
Then, it's my time to find the HP service center at Melaka to send my LCD cracked HP R707 camera to repair. The center is quite funny: only 2 employees in charge the center, both of them will have on-site service at the day, until 5, then they will appear at the center. Before searching for the center, I already find for the map and refer to Google Earth. But the end, I still lost, maybe I didn't find out the bus route... The service center is really right beside Meridian Strait Hotel, and without banner, just a small piece of A4 paper on the door. Click here to see the service center in Malaysia.

Yerrr~~ Powder manufacturers cheat consumers!
See this? The amount of powder in the containers is not standard! Some a lot, but some are relatively less than standard. I snap this picture in a shopping center near Melaka Central.

So, the day was passed peacefully, I think this post may be quite boring, as it's not related with you all, just simply record it down before I forgot.

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