Sunday, February 18, 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista Ice House in Toronto, Canada

Microsoft just set up a Vista and Office 2007 showroom in Toronto, Canada. Guess how is it? A tip: it's snowing at there. Yes! It's an Ice-House!

The ice house is cool(perhaps, cold?), and it used 270,000 pounds of ice to build it. The digital ice house is awesome, all the furniture in the house was in real size, include ice-book, ice-toilet bowl, ice-microwave oven, beds, ice-study room, ice-kitchen, all in real size. Of course, the toilet bowl and microwave oven can't function, just a model, but very detail. The temperature was stable at 5 degree Celsius to prevent the ice house collapse.



pictures taken from time_one, thanks!

I like the last picture, it make me feel like using Vista! The Aero Interface that look a little bit transparent and blur make me feel exciting!

This won't gonna happen in this hot Malaysia. Lucky the heat that generated by the desktop and laptop didn't melt the house. The cold climax helps a lot.

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