Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something wrong on The Star In-Tech.

This morning, I saw my watch, it's 13 Feb! I quickly wore a jacket and took my pass card and keys, ran to U-Center (a retail shop) to buy a copy of The Star. Huh, lucky still has stock... Why I so interested with today's The Star? Heh heh, because today Star In-Tech will review about Windows Vista!!

vista edition

These days, I almost get addicted to Windows Vista news, chasing it from morning till night, write blogs about it continuously, search for the lowest price. Ok, back to the title, while I read the review, I found something strange:

(a snapshot from The Star In-Tech 13 Feb 2007)

It stated that only Ultimate Edition has the Aero interface, and only Ultimate Edition has the 'Easier business networking connectivity' feature, even Business Edition also don't has this feature, how can it be possible?! It also stated that Business Edition has some multimedia and entertainment features, like 'Easily make DVDs', 'Have more fun on your PC', and 'Create high definition movies', which is not included as Microsoft stated.

It's not true, must be.
I quickly check online, check Microsoft Vista website, and I found that it's not true. It must be The Star's mistake. The truth is, only Home Basic don't has the Aero Interface feature, and both Business and Ultimate Edition have 'Easier business networking connectivity' feature. The multimedia and entertainment feature is not that important for Business Edition. If they want those features, they can get it easily from third party software.

This news shocked me for a while, as I planned to buy myself a Home Premium Edition. Let me ask you all: if a Vista don't has Aero Interface, will it call Vista? That's why Home Basic is the most lousy Edition, don't buy it. It just RM100 cheaper than Home Premium.


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Kew said...

have you found the cheapest Vista in Malaysia?

vhanded said...

Currently I just search for Home Premium edition, and the cheapest price I found is at the Low Yat Plaza, during the vista launch. If they can give that kind of low price, they should can provide that price if you negotiate with them. The price list during the fair can be found in my previous post: To buy OEM or Retail Vista?

Chewxy said...

Pay for a retail version. Geez...

And instead of being addicted to Vista news... why don't you acquire Vista? I can tell you it's good. Very good.

vhanded said...

I try to, but my hardware requirement is relatively low if compare even to the Vista home basic minimum requirement... Had to spent some time to collect money to buy a high end PC, and I am just a student...

F_M PT04 said...

I am sorry for being the one to hate Vista even there are people who like it. Really really sorry (><) the only reason is because you need to upgrade your computer. Eg: i bought a new laptop for my studies, not even one year later vista came out. Well th darn thing is that My laptop is Not vista compatible. only way is to spend more money just to be able to use vista home. why not try a Mac? from this funny commercial.

vhanded said...

It's ok, I know about Vista 3 years ago, I sometimes remind people to buy Vista capable PC. Many people don't like Vista, is just because they need some money to upgrade their PC. But, think for a while, Microsoft done the right thing, with more powerful OS, comes more powerful hardware, and push the whole IT market to move forward isn't it the good news? Maybe not everybody can afford Vista, but it is a good chance for consumers who planned to change their PC to change their new PC, and very high chance, they won't choose those Celeron with 256MB RAM... I love Vista!

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