Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail? Funny and Creativity

Why use Gmail? I have been using it for 3 years, the first impression that Gmail gave me is the ultra large 1GB storage(it's an huge amount at 3 years ago). And now, it storage expanded to 2.9GB, and still growing.

Now, since all e-mail service providers already provided GB storage, but I still using Gmail. There must be other reasons for me to use it.

Watch the video from Gmail engineers: Why Use Gmail?

Other reasons for me to choose Gmail, is the interface design. No other e-mail providers can provide such clean and no large and annoying Flash advertisements around the screen, I really hate those stupid advertisements, especially in Hotmail and Yahoo!

I also love the shortcut key from Gmail, which save lots of my time. See here for the shortcut key.

So why still waiting? Go to to get a Gmail account!


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conniexan said...

i'm still yet to get hook on google..still with hotmail now mostly..btw..nice chatting with u..I like ur face on the time's funny
happy studying..!

Kleio da Muse said...

Nice post. Personally, I am still very much trying to get the hang of using Gmail... not liking the tags interface as opposed to using folders to sort out my mails. Will have to try to get the hang out it ;P

Oh yea, I came across your blog via Tiensoon's blog today. I am a regular stalker of his. Ahahaa. I am a bit of a geek myself... love to learn about techy stuff. Then again... only the basics :D Not in a pro way of course.

Adious! Shall be dropping by your blog from time to time.

vhanded said...

:Kleio da muse
Thank you, hope you like my blog. For the tag interface, I don't think it's annoying, and I pretty love that feature. Instead put the mail inside each folder, and search for it every time you need it, that's more time consuming. But Gmail's tags system can make both tags and folder feature together. tags system, or label, make the mail appear in multiple places at once(in inbox and link with a label), Not like Yahoo! mail that just move the mail into folder and remove the copy in inbox. In Gmail, even you can't search the file, you still can browse around inbox, around the date and time when you receive the mail to find it, because the copy in inbox still remain there. But some email users prefer folder than labels/tags, that's their preference, I am not saying other email services are sucks.

And, Tien Soon is my senior from MMU Melaka, but I am still a student studying foundation year.

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