Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bid4Prizes, a cool site to bid your present!

Ebay provide bidding service, so do this bid4prizes. But, what is the best features in this site compare to eBay? Yes, you can bid with cell phone, you don't need to go online, login into your account, just type <bidding item> <bidding amount in cent> and send to 81000. But, this is not the highest bidder win, but the lowest bid win!

Yeah, this is the unique feature of this bidding site. Bidder will bid for the product, and only lowest unique bidder will win. Example: 2 bidder bid for 6 cents, but only 1 bidder bid for 7 cents, when the bid is over, the winner is 7 cent bidder, because he or she is the lowest unique bidder. Cool? But the amount that you bid is just to determine the winner, not the price of the product. However, if you bid on free items, Bid4Prizes may send you the prizes without any shipping charge too!

My birthday is near, and I want to have some presents too. See the Logitech package? Can anyone bid for me and give to me as my birthday present? Haha. Besides Logitech, there are also prizes for ViewSonic 22" monitor, Panasonic Home Theater System, and BMW 3 Series. My friends, please take not!


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