Thursday, May 17, 2007

Seduce Mirelly Taylor?! Are you kidding?, an online entertainment video provider, is holding a competition. This is not ordinary dating competition with normal guys or girls, is with a popular female celebrity actress, from "Kiss Me Again", " Serving Sara", "Las Vegas", "Numb3rs" and more! She is... Mirelly Taylor!

Seduce a Celeb will run on GoFish for the next 14 weeks, and in these 14 weeks, Mirelly Taylor will upload some video clip, telling the guys out there what she want for a date, and anyone who interested to date her can just upload a respond to that video, and she will choose the one with great personality. Who is the lucky one? Of course not me...

Ideas for funny submissions?
Haha, if Mirelly uploaded a video, what she will ask for? Is it a guy with strong muscle body like Arnold? Or a billionaire like Bill Gates? And guess what the responder will upload? Maybe a guy with marker pen muscle draw on their body? Haha, or a guy lying in a bed of money? Who know, but what I am sure is, Mirelly definitely won't ask for a gay, right? It's up to you all to imagine what she want for her date, it's not really just ask for guy, maybe she will ask for someone who can bring her to a great and romantic vacation area too.

Beside seduce a celeb, there are also Free videos at Not only guys, girls also welcome to watch video about their favorite men star. 

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