Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Full Retail for sale!

Anyone interested to buy Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Full Retail Pack? This is not OEM, not student edition, not upgrade edition, and not pirated edition, it's genuine.

I have 3 units now, and I am selling against the market price.

Market price = RM1500++
My price      = RM999 only
shipping       = RM10 by POS Laju

Interested? Now you really can get Ultimate Edition at lower than Business Edition price. This price is from a supplier, so I can get that freakin low price.

Here is the photos of the retail pack.

Vista Ultimate box sealed

Vista Ultimate COA
Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

COA speaks a lot. You can click and zoom in, and you will see the tiny blue anti-counterfeit wording that form the blue background of the COA. For more information about identifying counterfeit, visit Microsoft How To Tell website.

According to Vico, Microsoft Malaysia Marketing Director, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition's price is higher, but it's still the best selling edition worldwide. For the features of Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, see here.

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