Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Windows Vista Ultimate with Home Premium price?

I want a new PC! I posted a budget add up for my new PC at here, and now, I found another good offer to upgrade my OS from Home Premium to Ultimate, without adding additional budget. The price is RM600 cheaper than current market price, it is at eBay.

Yes, when talk about eBay, most people will say: the shipping cost is so expensive! Some say: You sure? You thrust the seller?

But those are not the main concern of mine, what I concern is the compatibility of the OS in Malaysia.

Different SKU code
Windows Vista Ultimate Edition that manufactured from United States has a SKU code: 66R-00002, and label that wrote: For distribute in United States and Canada only.

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition that manufactured in Singapore(which export worldwide), has a SKU code 66R-00020, and label Intl (International).

I worry that there are certain license problem, which not allow me to do this and that.

I search for all the forums, blogs, but can't find any relevant answer. Some said can be installed and activate and use it like normal. I e-mailed Microsoft, they don't reply. Seems like no one actually bother about that problem.

So, who ever read this post, can you please answer my questions, if you have any answers in your mind? Thank you.

1. Is it the same?
2. Can I activate and use it like normal in Malaysia?
3. Any restriction?

Yesterday, I phone to Microsoft Malaysia support center, and the operator told me that as long as the copy is genuine, we can activate the windows wherever we want, no geographical restriction, and can use all the functions like normal.

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Anonymous said...

As long as the software is genuine, you can just register / activate as per normal. It doesn't matter if you buy from Singapore and use / activate in M'sia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

vhanded said...

Thanks for sharing.

Here are some link about the truth by my ebay seller.


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