Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Birthday wish list.

Hey, tomorrow is my Birthday, and not much, I just hope these birthday presents:

Logitech Media Keyboard
Logitech™ Media Keyboard Elite, need me to explain more? A low cost keyboard, around RM80 only. May get it at LowYat Plaza.

Asam Laksa, not Melaka curry laksa! (photo from Worldisround)

Y.W.'s sms birthday greeting.


really difficult for me to write wish list, I don't know what I really want(actually have, just they are some things like Sony DSC T-100 or Sony VAIO laptop, no need to write la, only myself can get it for me).

In the 3 lists, I not really hope for first 2, just hope for a 5 cents sms from her...

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Jasonmumbles said...

If you have blogged about this earlier, I could sell you my LX700 Logitech Wireless keyboard and mouse for a dirt cheap price. :)

Neo said...

Who is Y.W.? :)

anthraxxxx said...

Are you from penang? :)

vhanded said...

jasonmumbles: Haiz... too late... but i prefer wired.

neo: a girl. friend.

anthraxxxx: Yea, I love Laksa!!!

anthraxxxx said...

hahaha no wonder. Although I'm a born and breed malaccan, I enjoy Asam laksa.

Che-Cheh said...

Happy Birthday! Hope all you wish would come true. :)

Kleio the Muse said...

Happy Birthday to you Vhanded!
May your special day be filled with many happy returns and joy. May that special gal Y.W. sent the much awaited greeting... better still, may she wish you in person with a warmth radiant smile ;)

Assam Laksa is my favorite dish too. Then again, it wasn't easy to get any good ones here tho. Wish and wish I am at Penang now, enjoying a hot bowl of heavenly assam laksa with lots and lots of prawn paste *drool*

vhanded said...

Thank you, never in my life with so many people, friends, strangers, and even bloggers greet me happy birthday, although today don't have birthday cake, birthday present, or a birthday free meal, but I really felt so happy, i am not alone, once again, thank you, i want to cry now...

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