Monday, May 14, 2007

Now it's turn for me to experience this PayPal shit.

PayPal! What are you doing! Don't want your business? So stop asking me to register for US account! I not sure whether this problem is permanent or for a short maintenance as stated in the reply from PayPal to HcFoo, I just want my access to my own money! This morning, I just received my payment from PayPerPost, wow, so happy, double payment at the same time, but when I click accept, you know.

How to solve it?
Open a US account as PayPal stated, but where? United States? OK ok, relax. According to HongKiat who use VMI service and it's work, so we can try it out, thanks! But beside this, is there any other way to solve it? The fees for that is quite high for non pro blogger like me.

I found on a forum, the guy found 3 banks that can accept US account for non-US residents, they are:

  1. WellsFargo (never heard before)
  2. Chase Manhattan (2 centuries of experience)
  3. Citibank (you know this right?)

Will try to ask these bank and collect some information, post up update later, hope can works.

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