Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No Adsense code between PPP Post?

Haiz, this is the second time continuously my post being rejected with the same reason: no Adsense code between PPP sponsored post, like this:

No adsense

This is the second time PayPerPost continuously rejected my post. I think in the future, they will put an eye on this matter, and every post with Ads will be rejected. Now I have to move the Adsense code from my template to location higher than title or somewhere else.

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Stupe said...

hey there...is ur adsense earning more than ur PPP?

It's just a matter of time Adsense ban you (like how they did on me and a few others i know) and rob you off those (measly) earnings...

So, seriously, weigh the pros and cons of having adsense with ur PPP post.

vhanded said...

Haha, how can my Adsense earning more than PPP? This young blog don't have sufficient visitors to do that.

Last time, I was warned by Adsense for generating illegal click... Yea, I played a little bit dirt, but since that time, i stop it, and let it grow 1 buck or less per month...

Insert Adsense in PPP is actually violating the term and condition of PPP, and I have to remove the adsense code elsewhere.

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