Saturday, May 12, 2007

I love PayPerPost!

I love PayPerPost! Currently I am just studying, and of course no financial income for extra cool stuff like iPod or luxury VAIO Laptop. Now everything is possible, ads on TV, ads on transport, and even ads on blogs! The January of this year, I found out of PayPerPost, and start my very first noob sponsored post. Yea, the time just simply try it, until I received my first payment, I know PPP is not  purely a toy, it's a service that can make my dreams come true! Now I already wrote 16 posts, with 3 posts payment received. The total of my income is just USD25 and another 85 still pending, it's still far from Sony VAIO, or even Apple iPod, but will work it out and write more quality sponsored post, hope can get my very first VAIO before I graduate 3 years later. Friends who knew that I write sponsored posts ask me about how I do it, and when I teach them, I feel I got a new reader for my blog, yeah.

Thank you PayPerPost! Thank you sponsors! Without you all, I don't even dare to dream about it!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to make diddly from them.

Scared Bunny

hcfoo said...

Nowadays lot of opportunities has been snapped up by posties. You might want to try bloggerwave and sposnsored reviews as well.

vhanded said...

Hcfoo: Thanks for that sharing, will try it.

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