Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure at Kuala Lumpur

Yea, I think Kuala Lumpur friends knew this competition than us at rural area... Ok, I don't think I need to explain the upcoming N95 smart phone from Nokia N Series, what I want to share is the competition called Wireless Adventure, hold at Kuala Lumpur, by Nokia to promote N95.


The game is like Vista Hunt in 3 months plus ago. That time, contestants searching for clues to complete the game around Bintang, or Kuala Lumpur, with just a paper map that draw like... you know; this time, every team will be provided with a Nokia N95, equip with Maxis 3G, GPS system, unlimited call, so you can run around Bintang with a high tech gadget on your hand, so you won't lost in a concrete jungle, and fix target and navigate faster, if you stuck for certain questions, just use it to browse Internet, or call to your friends to help you, cool? But too bad, the registration of competition was ended!

This phone is really a mini "palm"top, with a 5 Mega Pixel lens, GPS system, Internet browsers and more. For the person like me who can't remember the road even use it for 3 times, GPS function of N95 may suitable for me.

Here is the website for the Wireless Adventure. For those who already register, gambate! Win more price for me! haha!

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