Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New PayPerPost feature: PPP Direct. Hire me!

PayPerPost, an online blogging advertisement company, is now released a new feature of it, called PayPerPost Direct.

What is PPP Direct?
To explain this, I have to tell again the what PayPerPost usually provide: Every time when you login and choose for opportunity to write on, advertisers pay you an amount that stated on that opportunity. Instead every time you look for opportunity, why don't let advertisers look for you? You using word of mouth marketing to tell advertisers to publish on your blog.

PPP Direct is a badge that embed on your blog. When advertisers saw your blog, and if they interested to publish their product reviews on your blog, they just click the button and you two can communicate and negotiate on the pay and content, and make the advertising effect perfect.

Why use PPP Direct when there are other competitors provide the same service?
Good question. You know ReviewMe? They charge around 50~100% markup on your post, while PPP just charge about 35% for their self service model. PPP Direct take away the middleman, and let you posties earn the maximum. Take an example, if there are 2 badges on your site, both worth $200. The advertiser click on the competitor's badge and he paid $200. However, you just get $100 or less, because the another $100 or more already taken by blog marketplace.

If they click on the PPP Direct badge, postie earn all $200, and PPP earn $20 only. However, why advertiser want to pay more to blog advertiser who do the less job? Why posties want to earn half if they can earn more?

IF the advertiser bypass the PPP Direct and contact me directly?
This is a stupid act. First, the advertiser ask you write a post about the advertiser's product and ask put on your blog for 30 days. But after 30 days, the advertiser may run away and never pay you. Although you didn't logically loss you money, but actually you loss your money.

By using PPP Direct, PayPerPost also make the tax report easier. PPP Direct will add up the tax by year end.

Here is a look of the badges:

For more information, please visit PPP blog.


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u gotta teach me this by july.. i gv u 1 month time..

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